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Training Flexibility Features

Bi Directional Setup - We sell cost effective launchers. Bumper Boy offers Bi-Directional launching on both the 2, and 4 shooters. What this means is that you can create complex-marking drills with a small number of launchers, therefore saving costs of launchers. We also have a skip key, which allows you to control in bi-directional mode if the dog happens to miss the mark. Examples would be triples with two 2 shooters, or 2 four shooters, or combinations of both.

Height/Distance Adjustment:

Height - Height can be adjusted by not putting the bumper all the way down the tube, or by utilizing spacers. This is great for working with small puppies.

Angle - The angle of the launch can be adjusted, which will affect the distance, shooting them either further or shorter distances.

Distance - Both the above options affect the distance, as well as the power load level. Yellow shells are recommended for firing. The biggest effect on maximum distance is the weight of the bumper and the streamer resistance. If you want more distance, you can reduce air resistance by cutting the streamers, or using a smaller, lighter bumper. Small bumpers, or teals, can go as far as 50 yards or more.

Weight Size - Bumper Boy Launchers are small, compact, and lightweight units ready for fast setup and easy movement.

a. 2 Shooter - 13 lbs b. 4 Shooter - 21 lbs c. 8 Shooter - 34 lbs d. 12 Shooter - 49 lbs

Motion and Auxiliary Third Party Controls - Bumper Boy provides controls for any third party device, or motion control. Any type of device can be configured, including wingers, motion devices, as well as release systems. Bumper Boy's receivers can support 3 wingers as well as a 12 shooter Bumper Boy at the same time. The following are possible configurations:

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