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Field Maintainable:

Bumper Boy has a design meant for personal maintenance in the field, and uses standard parts. Launchers are mechanical units, and therefore must be maintained. The most important design features are that the user can maintain, or fix the launcher, in the field themselves. This fact saves training time, shipping costs, and expensive parts. Please note that shipping alone can run $60.00 each way, and you could be down for approximately 4 weeks. 90% of Bumper Boy problems can be fixed in 10 minutes or less in the field. See our videos on maintenance of your Bumper Boys.

Also important is that we design in standard parts. We do this so you can purchase products from any store in your area. Mechanical units will last a lifetime, and servos can be replaced for less than $15.

If you clean your units, and lubricate them, they will provide the highest of up time without ever being returned to us for repair. The key here is field maintenance!

Durability - Bumper Boys are the highest of quality and design. We use 100% stainless steel, or aluminum material, and these are built to last in the rugged environments. Our electronics are designed to operate this system, and provide company support.

Spare Parts Kit - We sell a spare parts and test kit for $19.99, and within this is everything you need to test your kit, and to keep your Bumper Boy going. A must have for your field maintenance!

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