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Third Party Launcher Control

Bumper Boy can control any third party launching device, including Zinger Wingers, Retired Gunners, Gunners Up, as well as bird basket launching devices and any motion control and Thunderbird Launchers.

Option 1 -

Supports any third party launcher with a separate receiver, or sharing a Bumper Boy receiver.

Option 2 -

(Diagram showcasing 3-launcher control)

Option 3 -

In this option, Bumper Boy cannot be controlled, and the launchers 4, 5, 6, and 7 operate sequentially. RCA 1, RCA 2, and RCA 3, are controlled with separate buttons. Each receiver can support 3 Third Party launchers as well as Bumper Boy. If the Bumper Boy is not used and an RCA-4 is used, the receiver can support 7 Third Party launchers. Note that if a sound key is used, sound or launch will occur unless you discount sound.

Auto Run

Auto run only operates on RCA-4 configurations, as well as RCA-1. Note Bumper Boy will also operate in Auto Run.

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