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Bumper Design

There has been a debate for years over bumpers. Most people say my dog does not like bumpers. Tell this to Bumper Boy users, and they will tell you that their dogs love Bumper Boy. Why? Well, a lot has to do with enhancing the bumper experience. Throwing plastic bumpers by hand does not cut it for dogs, so part of Bumper Boys enhancing experience goes into a well designed bumper.

Designed as a full-length bumper, it is the same weight as a large bumper. This is important in order to reduce bad mouth habits in the dog. Equally important is a matter the dog likes, in that the bumper itself is not too hard, but at the same time is not soft. The bumpers use a rhino skin material that feels good, and is extremely durable. Your dog will like the feel, and this is extremely important.

The key to marking is visibility; White/Black are the most visible colors, and as it moves from one to the other with a great difference between the two, you'll see this is right. They also come with streamers to enhance the action. The key to improving and developing the desire of the animal is in the marking, and the visibility of our bumpers.

Smart Bumpers also have the option of attaching wings that can be injected with a bird scent, to enhance the dog's reactions to the throws.

Bumper Weights:
During a dog's development, using White or Black bumpers can greatly enhance the dog's development, especially in the water. Young dogs sometimes need help with long swims, so you may want to make sure the bumper comes up White. Bumper weights will do this. With senior dogs, you can make sure that it is black up only. This is a great training tool that will keep you in the competition.

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