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Auto Run

Run your multiple units like a field trial. Now you can set your Auto Run feature to a customizable delay sequence, ranging from 1 - 6 seconds, and customizable sound or sound and launch feature.


Auto run mode launches multiple units with a customizable sequential delay between marks (1 - 6 seconds). Launch and sound can be configured.


Quad Capable:
Start (4 second delay)
Launch, mark 1 - with, or without sound
Delay (1-6 seconds)
Launch - next mark (capable of operating a Quad series)

Pause - Allows you to pause, and to move into manual mode on the master transmitter
Restart - restarts the sequence
Reset - resets to the beginning of the firing order


Auto run mode can operate Bumper Boy launchers, as well as third party launching systems. Auto Run allows you to concentrate on the dog, and help him without trying to operate a multiple launcher sequence. Purchase of Dog & Gun control just $50.


Mount on Tri-Tronics Antenna

                                                                                         Mount on Tri-Tronics (with Velcro)

Mount Under your Transmitter

Key chain Mount

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